CreativeLive iOS App

First time start and Class views as rendered on iPhone7

Project Roles: Strategy, Ideation, Product Design


CreativeLive (CL) broadcasts online classes in photography, design, music, crafting, and more. Scheduled "On Air" classes are always free to watch. Users can buy classes to watch on demand. I've lead the (3 person) design team in the CL Product department since 2012.

Product Strategy

The iOS app extends CreativeLive's freemium product model with a "lesson of the day." Once a day app users can select any lesson, from any class, to watch for free. The strategy aims to make a daily habit by luring users in with free content and full access to the class catalog.

CL lessons vary in length (from 5 min to 1 hr 20 min) so a lesson could be watched in a single sitting or throughout the day. Watched lessons are marked in the lesson list to track progress.

The team considered alternative freemium strategies (ex. free 20 min. a day from any class). But allowing users a sense of completion with an entire lesson seemed better than blocking them with some arbitrary time limit. The lesson of the day concept fits CL's brand values of access and exploration.

Home and Explore views as rendered on iPhone7

Interface Design

Designed as an MVP, the app UI renders class tiles in simple strip and list patterns. We prioritized recently watched classes to help users make progress through class content. Push notifications remind users of On Air classes they have subscribed to.

App views rely on iOS's autolayout feature to fit various device form factors. Landscape support on iPad uses a familiar split view with lesson list on the right. Users can full-screen all video views.

Split view layout for iPad landscape orientation

Launch & Reception

At launch, the app was featured in the "New Apps We Love" section of the app store. The app, as i write this post, has a hard earned 4.5 star rating in the App Store. Here are some choice user reviews:

Love CreativeLive and this app (5 stars): Very good content except that some of it seems to be a byproduct of a live seminar, which has its charms. Being able to watch one chapter per day with the app is fantastic! I like watching the live streams as well. CraigInTheCorn

Great company, great app (5 stars): Over the years I have learned so much from CreativeLIVE. They have a lot of content for all creative fields. And their app is super clean and makes access to the content very easy. Dondrup Aloha

Finally! Offline viewing! (5 stars): My one frustration with previous versions of the creative live app was the inability to watch videos offline. Now I can! Yippee!! stacigh